Pumpkin Head Brightening Bar

Pumpkin Head Brightening Bar


Like our popular Facial Polish Fifth Element,

Pumpkin Head body bar is designed to even out skin tone due to blemishes & acne scars, and bring out your natural glow. 

Pumpkin Head Body Bar is a Brightening, NOT whitening bar.

Pumpkin Heads Key Ingredients are Sea buckthorn Oil Carrot Oil & Turmeric.

Turmeric - Fights Acne & has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties can heal cuts, mild burns and wounds.

Sea Buckthorn - fights acne, Helps with rosacea, and has anti aging power so its tightens the skin all whilst leaving the skin soft.

** Smells of freshly cut ginger & hot pumpkin pie.**

Non irritating it can be used on even the most sensitive skin. 

How to use : Grab your Filthy exfoliating Sponge to make sure you get deep in the pores, Lather the bar on the sponge.

Scrub lightly in mini circles gently exfoliating the skin.

Rinse & Repeat as needed.

**Works well for darker areas on body I.e between legs, helps reduce body acne, minimizes the appearance of scars, or any burns on the body.**

Make sure to Moisturize properly after.

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