Mystic Flower Salve

Mystic Flower Salve


Mystic Flower salve makes for a happy yoni! 

Excellent for reducing inflammation, promoting healthy tissue regeneration and fast healing, moisturizing dry & chapped skin. This Salve is literally a tall glass of Alkaline water on your thirstiest day. 

 Mystic Flower relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, and soreness – both by protecting damaged tissue and by speeding up your body’s own healing processes.

Irritated / Angry vagina?  

No worries, we've got just the remedy to keep your Mystic Flower feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. Whether your discomfort was  caused by insufficient lubrication, physiological stress, childbirth, a pelvic exam, vaginal discomfort and pain is naturally eased and comforted with our Mystic Flower Salve.

It’s also a great lubricant, both for intercourse (just don’t use it with latex!)

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 **Neem is also used as a natural contraceptive so if pregnant or planning to be, do NOT use, or discontinue use** 



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