Filthy Cosmetics

Filthy Cosmetics fuses The old world with the new with highly effective,

100% natural skincare that integrates centuries-old beauty formulas.


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Filthy Cosmetics is A Vegan, Cruelty free, ATL based cosmetic brand. 

everything is handcrafted with positive intentions.

Turning everyday acts of self love into simple beauty rituals.

a beauty ritual can be as simple as exfoliating. 

buffing away dead skin & bad vibes and welcoming the new.

A beauty ritual can simply be grabbing your favorite bath bomb and tossing it in the tub to lounge in luxurious colorful water as your skin soaks in precious oils + minerals. 

it can be grabbing a chunky ritual soap created with ancient recipes that can help transform your skin and the intent to help heal your spirit. 

Beauty Rituals are everyday magick. 



You can find everything from our raw, holistic skincare line that addresses unique concerns for all skin types..

or pick up some goodies and create your glamour magick  haul. 

Everyday magick for your skin & spirit.