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What Are Filthy Cosmetics shipping Policies?

 Shipping and processing can take anywhere from 5-10 BUSINESS days  (not including holidays, or weekends.)

Shipping time is also dependent on the efficiency of your local post office, shipping time can vary.  

Please ensure your mailing address is correct before checkout. 

Processing takes anywhere from 1-3 days.

( IF a coupon is applied to your order processing can take an additional 3-5 business days due to influx in orders.)

If your order is shipped and is undeliverable because of the mailing address, you will have to pay additional shipping costs.

The package will remain on hold until the shipping cost is received.

You do not have to send an email inquiry.

Once your order is marked as fulfilled you will receive a tracking number within the same email. 

 Any other shipping updates regarding time frames on orders there will be on the header at the home page with current shipping time frames.


How Do We Handle Returns?

Due to sanitary reasons, Filthy Cosmetics only offers Returns for exchange reasons. (I.E if your item was broken.) Send an email ASAP to filthycosmetics@gmail.com with your name, order number,  and picture of broken item. 


How Do We Handle Refunds? 

Since Filthy Cosmetics is a currently ran and operated by one woman, I can only offer refunds within 72hours of placing your order. Anything else would be valid for store credit only.


Is Everything Vegan? 

Yes! We are extremely proud to be vegan, paraban & Sulfate free. We are proud to be cruelty free, halal with no animal testing. 


How Do I Get In Contact With Filthy Cosmetics? 

You can send us an email below by utilizing the contact form or send us an email to filthycosmetics@gmail.com


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we are extremely excited that we currently offer world wide shipping! 


How Do I get In On Being On Your Wholesale List? 

Send that email over to filthycosmetics@gmail.com baby, Lets work together! 


Any other questions? Wanna Collab ? 

simply reach out below.


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